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Equine Breathing:

You may be interested in this new technique that enables you to heal your horses from chronic ailments and behaviour problems without veterinary procedures or drugs. It was developed in 2002 by Clare Hobsley to help her 26 year old horse who had severe hay fever with continuous snorting, runny eyes, difficulty breathing, violent head shaking and hypersensitivity to flies

The condition was being controlled by homeopathy but this was not curing the root cause of the illness because Cuilrane was starting his hay fever earlier each year. Many horses in his situation and of his age would probably have been put down, especially as he was not keeping condition well in winter either. 

“I am very glad I did not take that route” says Clare “because instead Cuilrane and I developed Equine Breathing – a technique of profound significance for horse owners.

I had been ill for 15 years with ME (the last 2 bedridden). I started using the Buteyko breathing technique which has identified the cause of many chronic illnesses as over breathing, and which retrains people to reduce their breathing back to a normal level. The results were stunning. After 4 months I no longer had ME and went on to train as a Buteyko practitioner.

One day, watching Cuilrane I made the connection that the physiology applies to horses as well as humans. Cuilrane was clearly over breathing to a high degree. All I had to do was to find a way to persuade him to breathe less and he should recover from his hay fever. 

It worked, Cuilrane had a similarly dramatic reduction in symptoms. After 6 days he became comfortable even in the spring pollen and sunshine. He continued to improve and I was able to stop giving the homeopathic remedies. Three years later he is free from symptoms.

The physiology underlying Equine Breathing predicts that these sorts of improvements will occur and Clare has worked successfully with horses suffering from a wide range of conditions including COPD, wind sucking and cribbing, skin problems, sarcoids, lameness, separation anxiety, attention deficit, phobias. 

It means that horse owners can help their horses heal from even severe ‘incurable’ symptoms, through their own efforts, freeing them from expensive drug or treatment options –and from misery! 

Equine Breathing also increases stamina and fitness 

The breathing training gradually increases the levels of oxygen available to the body and this prolongs aerobic respiration on exercise and delays the production of lactic acid. A fact that will be of interest to endurance riders. 

Equine Breathing does this by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the body. The higher the carbon dioxide levels the more oxygen is available to the body.

This is due to two effects. 

  • The requirement to exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide on haemoglobin molecules in the blood in the lungs
  • The Bohr effect - carbon dioxide is needed to enable release of oxygen at the tissues – the higher the carbon dioxide the more oxygen is released.

Horses enjoy Equine Breathing and at its most gentle level Equine Breathing can be easily learnt and done by almost anyone, with almost any horse.

To do the most gentle form of Equine Breathing, which is called ‘One Nostril’ or ‘1N’, you don’t need any special equipment or training. You just need to plan to have10 minutes a day of undisturbed time with your horse. 

1N can be done before and after riding, or before feeding (but not after) and as many times a day as you both like. Why not give it a try

If you are suffering any chronic ailments or behavioural problems with your horse or wish to improve your horse’ stamina and endurance, and wish to use a natural, holistic method, see the Equine Breathing website at www.equinebreathing.com


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