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October 30 (AGM), 31, November

Here is the official announcement for the BBEA 6th Annual Conference, this
year to be held in Boston.click here for the conference
It is such a wonderful event, full of interesting, exciting and useful
presentations, engaging, intelligent and funny participants, contest,
awards, party, teaching and business training and more. You'll come away
inspired and energized.

We are looking for submissions for presentations at the 6th Annual BBEA
Conference in Boston, running October 30 (AGM), 31, November 1 and 2. There
will be a training before and after the conference - one for business and
one for teaching.

The 2014 Conference Committee is looking for a wide variety of timely,
relevant topics which address the current and future needs of Buteyko
Breathing Educators. Submissions may focus on Buteyko theory and practice,
marketing and practice management and related areas that complement
Buteyko. Workshops and case studies are welcome as well as ideas for
presenters and our yearly contest. The goal of these two and a half days is
to provide members with skills, resources and the confidence to apply the
latest scientific data in their respective Buteyko practices.
I am sorry to say that we can only offer an small honorarium for presenters
but I guarantee that you will be appreciated and you will enjoy the
comraderie, other amazing presentations and a wonderful Saturday night
party and awards event.

The deadline for abstract submissions is June 30, 2014. In order to make a
submission, please complete the attached and return to me at
Chris Bauman
Christine Bauman, MA
Level 5 Member and Trainer of Buteyko Breathing Educators Association
Founding Member and President of BBEA
3181 Kingsley Street, Victoria, BC V8P 4J5


30th May 2013

The Buteyko Institute Trust
Presenting an evening of Music & Entertainment

Date: Thursday 30th May 2013
Venue: Oran Mor
Top of Byres Road,
Glasgow, Scotland G12 8QX.
Time: 6.30pm for 7.30pm
All money raised will remain in Glasgow funding the Glasgow Schools Project.
Charity No. (SC031781)
Please click here for more information on the event

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