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What is The Buteyko Method?

Picture of a man useing a ventolin inhaler for AsthmaThe Buteyko Method (Alternative for Asthma & other conditions) is a corrective breathing program that has drastically improved peoples health and quality of life.

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Buteyko Method & Sports Performance

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Get the Edge you’ve been searching for, the natural way: Control Lactic Acid with your breathing, Lactic Acid is reduced because there is more oxygen available

Adults, Children, Babies, Hypervetilation

overbreathingWhich Brain is yours?
A. Normal Breathing and Normal Oxygen

B. Hyperventilation (Overbreathing) and 40% Reduction of Oxygen

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The symptoms of hyperventilation (breathing more than your body needs) often appear totally unrelated to breathing. 

Today's Buteyko News...

Buteyko NewsMay 2008 the updated British Guidelines for the Management of Asthma endorsed the Buteyko Breathing Technique so that GPs and asthma nurses can now recommend it.

Buddhist Meditation

"It was as though the effects of several years of meditation were achieved within a period of a few weeks of practicing Buteyko."

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