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Using the Buteyko Method improved their health and the health of their son to such an extent that Russell and Jennifer Stark trained as Buteyko practitioners with Alexander Stalmatski and then with Dr. Konstantin Jennifer Stark, Russel StarkButeyko, Ludmilla Buteyko and Dr. Andrey Novozhilov. 

Looking to learn Buteyko for your Breathing in the privacy of your own home? This video / DVD, manual and workbook come complete with support for one year and a 45 day money back guarantee.

Full Description:

Buteyko Home Education Kit If there is not a Buteyko Practitioner in your area, you may like to learn the technique using the Buteyko Home Education Kit. The video provides a comprehensive guide to the Buteyko breathing exercises, and works in conjunction with the manual to describe how you can use the Buteyko Method to control your asthma, reduce your medication intake and enjoy a dramatically improved quality of life. Our programme has been designed to fit in with your lifestyle so that the changes you make will not dramatically affect your life.

The Buteyko video not only demonstrates the exercises that will help you to control your asthma; it also clearly explains the physiological processes involved in breathing. Due to various stresses asthmatics over-breathe or hyperventilate without knowing it causes asthma attacks. The Buteyko video clearly explains what happens when we over breathe; the causes, consequences and then ways to avoid it.

The manual accompanying the video describes the physiology of breathing and hyperventilation in more depth than the video does. A paper copy of the exercise programme forms a substantial part of the manual, duplicating the video, but in a format that is available at a moments notice.

The video and the manual combine to provide a detailed guide to the correct use of asthma medication, including when and how you can reduce your medication. Both stress that preventative medication must only be reduced under doctors supervision.

The Manual also includes sections on Colds & Flu, Buteyko & Exercise and a frequently asked questions section. Children and asthma is dealt with in some depth, including the Buteyko children's exercises.

People who have purchased our home education kit are eligible to access the support website where you will be able to correspond with a trained Buteyko practitioner on matters concerning your health.

The video comes with a 45 day money back guarantee - return the video for any reason within 45 days of purchase and we will refund the purchase price.

Running Time: 45 minutes

Manual: 84 Pages

Our Price (including shipping): 
New Zealand and Australian Customers: AU$100
Rest of the World: US$80.00

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  Buteyko Method DVD set of DVD, CD, Book and ebook.  

About the Buteyko Method DVD International Buteyko practitionerButeyko Method DVD set of DVD, CD, Book and ebook by Patrick McKeown and bestselling author, Patrick McKeown is filmed instructing the complete Buteyko Method to two children and five adults with asthma.

This set consists of 110 minutes of footage as taken by a professional camera crew. It is probably the most detailed and thorough instruction of the Buteyko Method in DVD and book format.

The AsthmaCare clinics that Patrick founded in 2002 have developed a very positive reputation due to exceptional and life changing results. To date, he has worked with thousands of children and adults with varying severities and conditions including asthma, COPD, sarcoidosis, bronchitis, rhinitis, anxiety and snoring.

Clients have travelled to attend his clinics from the UK, Patrick McKeownAustria, Spain, the USA, Holland and all parts of Ireland. This DVD allows you to view and apply the complete instruction from the Asthma Care clinics in the comfort of your own home.

Lifestyle factors including diet, sleeping and physical exercise are also addressed.

The DVD is accompanied by a detailed 120 page manual.

If you are unsure of any aspect, you may contact Patrick directly. Menu of DVD is as follows
1) Cleansing reactions
2) How to unblock the nose and switching to nasal breathing
3) Correcting breathing volume (4 sets of five minutes)
4) Walking with your mouth closed to create a need for air
5) Walking with breath holds
6) Steps
7) How to stop asthma attacks
8) Measuring the CP
9) Measuring the pulse
10) Lifestyle factors- diet and sleeping
11) What to do; children, adults, mild and severe

Buteyko Method DVD set of DVD, CD, Book and ebook.

The Buteyko Method DVD set consists of;
1) 2 Hour professional DVD of the complete instruction (all Buteyko breathing exercises)
2) Email Support: Patrick directly with your queries
3) Audio CD of reduced breathing exercise
4) Ebook Close Your Mouth which is available for immediate download upon payment. Click on return to AsthmaCare after making payment
5) Instruction manual specifically designed for DVD. (Newly revised Close Your Mouth book) Complete instruction for all conditions related to chronic hyperventilation such as snoring, sleep apnoea, anxiety, asthma, hay fever, emphysema, blood pressure, fatigue, stress and more.

Suitable for all children and adults regardless of severity NTSC and PAL DVD versions available to suit your country
Postage and packaging worldwide
ISBN-13: 978-0954599690
Total cost including post and packaging: 50 US Dollars (approx: 40 Euro, 65 CAD, 35UK pounds, 65 AUD)
After ordering, the DVD will take approximately ten days to reach you.

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