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The symptoms of hyperventilation (breathing more than your body needs) often appear totally unrelated to breathing

Understanding your breathing will support your Fitness

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Less Lactic Acid is produced because there

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"...the build up of lactic acid in my legs was reduced...more"


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"...I was finding it took me a long time to Recover from a hard training session or race, I would be coughing for 10—15 min's and a lot of lactic acid build up in my legs...more"

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because there is more oxygen available to help with repairing injuries

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"I finished with first overall"

Lactic Acid & Rugby

Con Barrell: New Zealand All Blacks

Con Barrell is well-known as a rugby player in his native Canterbury, New Zealand, and now nationally as an All Black reserve. What many rugby fans may not realise is that Con is also a chronic asthmatic. Con Barrell

"I would train hard and be rearing to go to the next big game for the Canterbury Crusaders, only to be knocked back by asthma after catching a slight cold", he says.

"It was heart-breaking. My family and friends would ask, 'why are you doing this to yourself'? because I had to take so

much medication to get through a game. It worried me as well, and I seriously thought of giving the whole thing away. But thankfully

that is a thing of the past - life is only going to get better from now on!"...
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Lactic Acid Motocross (Scrambling)


The whole day went so easy for me and at the end

of the meeting I finished with first overall in all my classes giving me first overall in the 2002 Scottish classic under 40s

Champion ship. Second overall in the Pre 75 up to 300cc.

Also, first Scottish rider of the day to win the

Scotland v England team challenge, and this is because I partly knew how to breath...

Stephen McNally

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BBC Sport Olympic Games 2012 Updated

Olimpic Rings

Lactic Acid Cycling

In a very small space of time I found that I had stopped coughing completely and the build up of lactic acid in my legs was reduced...

Ian Black

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The Games BBC Sport Olympic Games 2012 Updated

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