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Jennifer Stark & Russell Stark BIBH
Tess Graham BIBH (Australia)
Chris Bauman BBEA (Canada)
Paul O'Connell BIBH (Australia)
Glenn White BIBH (NewZealand)
Roger L. Price BIBH (Australia)
Steve Lumsdaine BIBH (Australia)
Patrick McKeown ButeykoClinic
Vladimir Buteyko &
Marina Buteyko (Russia)
Gillian Austin BBA
Kathryn Godfrey BBA
Dr. Silvia Smolka BBA (Germany)
Viktor Anton BBA (Austria)
Rosalba Courtney BBA (Australia)
Dick Kuiper (Holland)
Christopher Drake
Jac Vidgen
Artour Rakhimov

Additional Buteyko Training by Sergey Altukhov (Video below)


How Healthy are you? Sinus Problems
Which Brain is yours? Dental Hygiene
Buteyko History Emphysema
K.P. Buteyko interview Chronic Fatigue
  Sleep Apnoea
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Can you help? Rhinitis
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Free Newsletters Disturbed Sleep
What's new? Itchy Skin
  Additional Buteyko Training by Sergey Altukhov  

The Indepth Buteyko Course by Sergey Altukhov
Author of the trilogy: “Dr Buteyko’s Discovery”
Twice certified trainer and Inspector in the Buteyko Method
Director of the Centre for the Effective Study of Doctor K.P. Buteyko’s Method.

The Indepth Buteyko Course by Sergey Altukhov

1) Eight weeks with Sergey Altukhov guiding you through the Buteyko method via the internet.
2) Step by step Buteyko Breathing Exercises.
3) Doctor Buteyko Discovery Trilogy Volume's 1, 2 & 3.
4) Buteyko DVD's of Original Dr Buteyko Lectures 1998.
5) Buteyko Short Novel Volume 1 & 2.
6) Jogging and the Buteyko's Method.
7) Dr. Vladimir Novoselov work.
8) One years subscription to the Buteyko Forum.

Note: Please remember that not all of this work has been translated, as and when translations have been made you will be notified, you can keep track of what has been translated on the webpage Buteyko Translation Project

Official website www.doctorbuteykodiscoverytrilogy.com



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