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Volume 1
Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov - Volume 1 - The Destruction of the Laboratory in English
Published 2009
in English as an ebook
Volume 2
Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy  by Sergey Altukhov - Volume 2  - The Death and Rebirth
being translated
Volume 3
Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy by Sergey Altukhov - Volume 3 - Part 1 "Physicians forbid her to give birth!" - Part 2 "Painless Childbirth"
being translated

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Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy
by Sergey Altukhov

Buteyko DVD collection

Original Buteyko Lectures 1998 on Buteyko DVD's
Doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, Sergey Altukhov & guests.

This Buteyko DVD collection is part of the Buteyko Course by Sergey Altukhov

DVD 1 approx. 42min:
Introduction to the Buteyko method, Doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, Sergey Altukhov, Elena Ivanovna Volodina, Sergey Nikolaevich Cheshev and Lyubov Georgievna Karetnikova.

DVD 2 approx. 1hour 40 min:
DVD 1 repeated, then 1 hour of...
Doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko and Sergey Altukhov.

DVD 3 approx. 1hour 40 min:
Doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, Sergey Altukhov & Ludmila Sokolskay.

DVD 4 approx. 1hour 15 min:
Doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, Sergey Altukhov and Peter Dmitrievich Sablin.

More DVD's listed...

Buteyko DVD No.1 Buteyko video Interview 1998
DVD translated transcript (below)

Buteyko video Interview 1998 translated transcript

Sergey Altukhov:
Good morning, dear television viewers. We offer for your attention a unique film that is called “The hidden discovery”. My name is Sergey Georgievich Altukhov and I am the film’s presenter one of Academician Buteyko’s students. This film is an absolute rarity, and we are trying to screen it in two languages – for Russian viewers and for people whose first language is English.

We are standing at the moment in Konstantin Buteyko’s office. This is a very rare opportunity and anyone who watches these scenes at the moment can look around the room with his blessing.

Konstantin Buteyko made the discovery of the Millenium. He discovered illnesses provoked by breathing too deeply. 27 January this year marks his 75th birthday.

01.45 min Sergey Altukhov:
Sit down, Konstantin Pavlovich

Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko:
Carry on....

02.00 min Sergey Altukhov:
The academician, our teacher, has just now come in and our first interview will be with him. We plan to use this film as a platform for his best pupils; the people who have fought longest for his cause. Against all the odds. The old communist system created many huge obstacles. Now too it is not easy to promote this discovery. But we would like to give the first word to our leader. Our teacher. Academician Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko.

Konstantin Pavlovich, in your 75th birthday year, what would you like to tell our viewers about the difficulties you have undergone since you made your discovery 45 years ago? What has been the main reason for them? And why has your discovery been kept from the public?

03.34 min Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko:
Well, I am glad to address such a wide audience, and of course I am delighted that my alumni here urged me, as it were, to go for broke ; that is to say to talk about important things that have meaning for the whole of humanity….To summarise 50 years of medical activity and 45 years’ of working with this discovery, and then to draw conclusions. Where do we stand today and what has been our reward humanity for the work we have done. After that, my pupils will address you. They experienced at first hand the benefits of this discovery and the treatment it entails, and have themselves cured over 1,000 patients. Then, of course, our difficulties were to be expected, because we had succeeded in discovering the root of ancient illnesses that had people had sought for millennia. Because major illnesses – allergies, sclerosis, nervous-psychiatric and cancers – are the scourge of the 20 and 21 centuries. It is they that have carried off the largest number of people. They are the principle cause of death and ageing. And of course, it is astonishing, that they are mainly caused by breathing.

As we now know, breathing is the main function of the organism, and it is natural that only it would be able to produce the spectrum of disorders now arising on all sides. The incidence of illness increases with every passing year. Even though we now have healers, shamans, and god knows what alongside official medicine – we still have illness, death and degeneration.

But one can draw some conclusions without starting from the theory, which explains everything but is rather convoluted, long and dry. I should like to show you the results achieved by my discovery and the treatments I use. To show you how various they are and how far-reaching. To demonstrate the awful power of breathing, for good and for bad. It reminds me of atomic energy. If you can control and correct your breathing – it will give you huge benefits. If you make mistakes – it will be Chernobyl for your body! That is to say, breathing is comparable with atomic energy.

Therefore I shall try to show you my pupils, and supporters, who have worked with my ‘method’ for 10, 20 and 30 years. And show you the miracles it can achieve, because that is the only word for them. Then at the end I shall describe the theory that makes them all explicable. I shall give you the results of our research; demonstrate them on our institute’s equipment, and finally sum up what this could offer humankind. And I must demonstrate that this discovery is humanity’s only route to salvation.

Russian Video Transcript: Irina Safronova
English Translation: Marjorie Farquharson MA

Buteyko DVD No.3 Buteyko video Interview 1998
DVD translated transcript (below)

Sergey Altukhov:
And now, dear viewers, we will continue the interview which is being filmed in order to mark the 75th anniversary of the invention of Mr. Buteyko the current Academician of the International Academy of Informatics. We will call upon one of his pupils, whose confinement was conducted using his method. You've already heard interviews with women who gave birth using Volodin's or Karetnikov's methods, but none of them wrote books. Mrs. Lyudmila Sokolskay, who is sitting to the left of Academician Konstantine Pavlovich Buteyko, not only gave birth to a healthy boy called Konstantine (in honor of Konstantine Pavlovich Buteyko), she has also written and actually published half the 3rd volume of "Dr. Buteyko's findings: The Breathing Life ," in which she relates to the birth in detail. At present, there are children who are being injured in maternity hospitals; they are being delivered by force, with breathing difficulties.

Now, before handing the stage over to Konstantine Pavlovich's student. I just want to say a few words to our English-speaking viewers.

Dear foreign viewers! We are handing the stage over to the one of the planners of the Academician, Buteyko's method, Lyudmila Valerievna Sokolskay, who gave birth to her [the speaker erroneously refers to his child] child strictly adhering to the Buteyjko method, an extremely beautiful child*.

Konstantine Pavlovich, would you mind addressing a few words to our viewers: What impression did you get after your first meeting with Liudmila Valerievna, many years ago in 1984?

1:46 Konstantine Buteyko:
She was suffering from 25 diseases when she came to me, at the age of 37, right?

1:54 Lyudmila Sokolskay:
I wasn't 37 then, I was 32.

1:55 Konstantine Buteyko:
Right, you were 32 then. She was a very smart woman who wanted to have children but could not. She understood the method very quickly, which is a rarity in our times. She is my true student; she lived up to all my expectations. She approached the method seriously. She understood the grandiosity of the method, which is rare. People are used to thinking that this is just one more method. However, she understood the entire complicity and importance of my finding. And that's why we can now say that she is absolutely healthy.

She gave birth painlessly; something unheard of at the time; she herself didn't know that it could be this way - A total absence of disease, joy while giving birth. But, at the time, gynecologists were inexperienced. Even today, they still ignore my method. They only caused damage during birth. But ultimately everything was fine. She gave birth to a beautiful child. He is in the 1st grade now and is an excellent pupil.

3:20 Lyudmila Sokolskay:
Yes, he studies very well, no problems at all.

3:24 Konstantine Buteyko:
So, my method does not cause any complications, and geniuses are born with its aid. Lyudmila, please expand with favorable words.

3:37 Lyudmila Sokolskay:
I have to kiss you as a sign of my gratitude for what you've done for me. I think that Konstantine Pavlovich was God's gift to me. My situation was very complicated. I was bedridden in hospital, after two and a half months of treatment and was simply dying. I was discharged home from the hospital, in order to not to spoil their medical statistics. This was my history. And then I had the great fortune to meet one of Konstantine Pavlovich's students, who told me that I was suffering from deep breathing, instead of osteochondrosis. I thought: what a strange idea, what is common between breathing and my bones? But it turned to be that it was my head that was strange, due to the deep breathing. In just a week, this trainer had taught me to hold my breath. Within a week, I had a marvelous purifying reaction, which even cleansed my brain. Since then, I have been studying seriously. Konstantine Pavlovich is correct: I immediately understood that… (end of the video clip).

* This part was spoken by the speaker in English and is restored here "as it is," with all the mistakes (the translator's note).

Buteyko DVD, Russian to English Translation 2010:
Buteyko DVD segment translation sponsor: Margalit Noam
Buteyko DVD segment translator:

Film Producer: Sergey Altukhov
Thank you to Sergey Altukhov for giving permmision to use this segment of his DVD's.

This Buteyko DVD collection is part of the Buteyko Course by Sergey Altukhov

This extensive work is being professionally translated into English, you can keep track (click here) of what has been translated in 2009.

Summary of Volume 1
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Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy

by Sergey Altukhov