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Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy
by Sergey Altukhov

Buteyko Secret by Sergey Altukhov
There is a secret to every Great Discovery, and probably the Discovery of Hyperventilation-induced Diseases is no exception. The world of medicine has seen nothing similar over the last few centuries: a cure invented by one scientist that can treat over 115 of the diseases plaguing civilisation today - without recourse to medicine, injections or invasive surgery.
They include:

  • Hypertension - The scourge of the modern world, that is unresponsive to conventional medicine.
  • Sugar diabetes - The ailment of nearly all the overweight.
  • Bronchial asthma - The disease asphyxiating one in four of the planet's population.

Aswell as providing substantial relief for allergies that doctors are powerless to treat.

Yes. There must be a secret behind a Discovery and a Treatment like that. I have been one of Konstantin Buteyko's most senior scholars for over 20 years and suggest that his SECRET has three components - that the great physiologist studied, interpreted in his own inimitable way, then amplified.

The first, one might call the Verigo-Bohr Law, or Effect. According to it, when the level of carbon dioxide gas in the human blood falls, the haemoglobin binds more closely with the oxygen molecules it is carrying. In itself this law - and this reaction - were not Buteyko's discovery by any means. B.F. Verigo the Professor from Perm in the Russian Ural mountains, discovered it back in 1908, and in 1922 the grandson of Niels Bohr confirmed his findings.

That is fact. But neither Verigo nor Bohr took the next step! Neither of them drew any far-reaching conclusions…

It took Buteyko HOURS of work in the medical library to impart additional meaning to this law. And he succeeded! If there is a shortage of carbon dioxide gas in the blood, and the haemoglobin binds more strongly with incoming oxygen (like a little conveyor belt) - then what? The answer is that oxygen transmits poorly to the body's cells! - including the cells of the brain, and the heart. And the result will be…And this indeed is what oxygen starvation means!

Not that a person is short of oxygen - otherwise a spell in an oxygen chamber would be called for - whereas they have actually robbed some people of their sight!

So it is not a shortage of oxygen that damages the human brain and heart. People have oxygen in SPADES in their blood stream! What they suffer from is a different deficit - or to put it more simply, a shortage of carbon dioxide gas in their blood stream! Because it is carbon dioxide gas, dissolved in the body's fluid that gives carbon dioxide! But if it is in short supply, oxygen transmits to the cells of the human body with real difficulty, (despite an excess in the haemoglobin belt).

And Buteyko came to a conclusion of real genius - people do not die of an oxygen shortage, they die of a shortage of CARBON DIOXIDE!

This all seems so simple now, but to draw a revolutionary conclusion like that back in 1952 took enormous academic courage! Because the research of all the leading doctors insisted that OXYGEN was extremely beneficial for the health and carbon dioxide was very harmful.

The second component of the BUTEYKO SECRET was the Table of atmospheric evolution - which was also no secret, and not the invention of Dr Buteyko himself. But none of the medical scholars using it ever thought to draw far-reaching conclusions from it about the role of CARBON DIOXIDE in the human body…

But Konstantin Buteyko took his courage in both hands, and did! What does the actual table show? Well, that life on earth began in the medium of carbon dioxide, not oxygen!

Millions of years ago there was up to 90% carbon dioxide gas in the earth's atmosphere, and no oxygen at all. Why do we harp on the SPECIAL importance of oxygen for living cells, and only the harmfulness of carbon dioxide? LIFE was actually created in the medium of carbon dioxide!

This is how scientists of genius are born. Hundreds of doctors and biologists had seen this table, but their eyes were blinkered by presupposition, and the views of misguided 'experts'.

Finally, the third component of Buteyko's Secret is his famous chart: "On the Measurement of Pulmonary Ventilation". Now this really is the creation of an inventor of the highest calibre. There had never been a chart like this before in any medical or biological text book. Anywhere! Ever! With his own hands and the help of a couple of colleagues, Dr Buteyko put together his own combine-complexator, and took the readings necessary from many patients. The result was a detailed table of criteria for measuring Pulmonary Ventilation that you and I now have today. And we know now that if a patient has only 3.5% CO2 in their pulmonary alveoli, they do not have much longer to live. MEGA ventilation of their lungs is taking place! But if a person has 6% CO2 in their lungs, then most likely, we are not dealing with an invalid, but someone who has still a long time ahead of them on God's good earth. The ventilation of their lungs is as close as it can be to the magic 6.5%CO2 rule - which indicates an unusually healthy person in our day and age.

These three components of the Buteyko Triad are what one might truly call the Buteyko Secret! Only his genius could manage to fuse them into one whole, and give the world the Great Secret of Health by the Buteyko Method.

Buteyko Breathing Chart: Pulmonary Ventilation Criteria Correlation of control pause and other parameters with alveolar CO2 and patient health

Buteyko Breathing Chart: Pulmonary Ventilation Criteria
Correlation of control pause and other parameters with alveolar CO2 and patient health

Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy

by Sergey Altukhov