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Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy

by Sergey Altukhov

Book Volume 2 Contents

The Death and Rebirth
Volume 2 of the more detailed Two-Volume Edition published in 1993

Volume Two

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The Death and Rebirth

Contents of Volume 2

Chapter 1

The hook and the noose: second thoughts

Chapter 2

How the Leningrad Institute ‘assisted’ Dr Buteyko at the clinical trials of the Elimination of Deep Breathing Method.

Chapter 3

Buteyko is ‘signed up’ with a hypnotist.

Chapter 4

Who’s winning? Gypsy Plys finds it a doddle: the technique can be mastered in hall and changing room.

Chapter 5

Combating night-time attacks. The grim vigils of Wilma Goncharova.

Chapter 6

Academician Rebrov asks Buteyko to plough the trials. Media to the rescue. Patients are intimidated and laboratory results continue to be distorted.

Chapter 7

The clinical trials’ closing conference and an unsuccessful attempt to buy off Buteyko. The thunderstorm approaches…

Chapter 8

The findings of the clinical trials are inaccessible through official channels. Academician Rebrov’s double game.

Chapter 9

Negative inferences from the commission’s positive conclusion. Back home to Novosibirsk and utter havoc.

Chapter 10

Buteyko’s scientific laboratory is dismantled. Is hanging the only way out? Friends come to the rescue.

Chapter 11

Love alone keeps death at bay. Ludmila Larionova and the deadly dye.

Chapter 12

Dr Buteyko teaches the Elimination of Deep Breathing Method to Larionova’s nine-year old son, who is dying of cancer and asthma, and the mother is cured by the son. A new friend.

Chapter 13

If you believe in Dr Buteyko’s theory, you belong in a Soviet loony bin.

Chapter 14

Soviet medicine is the most humane in the world. Or, dear comrades, we don’t lock you up for nothing!....

Chapter 15

The first 75 days in a cell with lunatics and no exercise. ”Give up the Buteyko theory, and you’re a free man”.

Chapter 16

Farewell, to the chauffer’s cap. Farewell to the wife and family. A second spell in a loony bin. Fisticuffs and abuse. A long awaited meeting with Buteyko.

Chapter 17

The chief doctor of a Kharkov hospital treats 300 acute patients with the VEDB method. The Health Ministry’s order goes out: “attack!”

Chapter 18

How Buteyko’s technique might possibly have helped cure ex-President Nixon’s many health problems. Patients in Kharkov thwart the Health Ministry’s agents, and how the whole story ends.

Chapter 19

Teaching VEDB ‘underground’, and being hunted by borzoi hounds. The second clinical trials. The medicine-free technique is recognised- but only in combination with medicine. And very close combination at that.

Chapter 20

A mother commits her son to psychiatric hospital for the third time, because he follows the Buteyko technique! Brezhnev’s funeral. “We’d have walked through the grass in bare feet”.

Chapter 21

The first leaflet on the Buteyko method reaches the West. His discovery is patented. A peculiar “instruction” nixes the Health Ministry decree to “introduce the therapy throughout the health system”… The first Buteyko conference.

Chapter 22

October 1988, Perov district, Moscow – the 3rd Buteyko Conference on VEDBM. A mendacious report from the other camp. Buteyko asks if Politburo members are properly treated for diabetes, and says that CO2 shortage is the cause of sugar diabetes!

Chapter 23

Diabetics in the USSR have only ONE monitor (and that’s probably for the head of the Communist Party). The Chief Endocrinologist of Krasnoyarsk territory says VEDBM will turn the world upside down.

10 Practical Buteyko lessons:

Teaching of the Buteyko Method by Clara Fedorovna (Best Buteyko Methodist 1990) with Dr. Buteyko present.

Chapter 24

Clara Ozertsova says diabetes will recede, if “we introduce VEDBM seriously and soon”.

Chapter 25 The basic rudiments of VEDBM. First course:
a) Our main function is Breathing
b) The law of Verigo-Bohr
c) Definition of the maximum ‘pause’
d) What is depth of breathing?
e) Testing the depth of our breathing
f) How to become aware of our diaphragm and relax it
g) Drink hot salty water
h) Asthmatics can benefit from phlegm
i) Using the method to unblock the nose
j) Observing our breathing.

Chapter 26

The second practical course in VEDBM:

In which part of your body can you feel your breathing best?
Reducing the depth of breathing, by the right hand rule
What is the ‘control pause’?
The left hand rule
Momentary inhalations
How to ‘capture’ the diaphragm?!
Relaxation through tension
Learn to think causally
Reducing your normal medication by one quarter
First advice to patients who have newly started.

Chapter 27

The third practical course in VEDBM:

Buteyko is against continual training for beginners
The main illness is the illness of Deep Breathing
Dr Novoseltsev’s success in treating people who tackled the Chernobyl fall-out. Radiation sickness can be treated by VEDBM
On the success of Dr Novoseltsev and VEDBM in treating AIDs! – a long kept secret…
An official document cites positive results in clinical trials of VEDBM on people with sugar diabetes
VEDBM is the elixir of youth!
A schedule for adapting the length of pause during training
On hormone treatment
Insulin treatment ONLY when the blood sugar content dictates. HUMILIATION of patients
Qs and As. A survey of patients. Specific advice.

Chapter 28

The fourth practical course in VEDBM:

a) With proper training, the second pause becomes shorter than the first
b) About metabolic outputs that were inadequately oxygenised; about waste products, spasms in the blood vessels, varicose veins and high blood pressure
c) On ways of reducing irritability
d) Factors that deepen the breathing
e) Factors that make breathing more shallow
f) The need to eliminate dry coughing.

Chapter 29

The fifth practical course in VEDBM:

Learning to talk about the VEDBM technique
Once more about keeping daily records
Attune yourself to shallow breathing in the evening
Physical exercises recommended by Dr Buteyko (the serpent pose, the child pose, the prayer pose etc).

Chapter 30

The sixth practical course in VEDBM:

The flu virus is afraid of an acid environment
Shallow breathing
A chart on “Partial pressure of gas in the pulmonary alveoli” and what it means
A chart on “The Evolution of the Atmosphere”, or “What was once and what we have come to”
Revisiting ‘the sauna’. Who should go and when.
A word on purging the system
Lydia Lobach’s brain tumour dissolved using VEDBM
Use the technique to polish off symptoms of disease.

Chapter 31

The seventh practical course in VEDBM:

Dark envy makes many enterprises founder. The teacher chooses worthy pupils!
“Last night for the first time, my legs didn’t hurt!”
The skin of neural-dermatitis patients can start to heal within 10 seconds of the pause
Do not grudge time spent on digestion, or – what killed Napoleon.
Jogging with the Buteyko technique.

Chapter 32

The eighth practical course in VEDBM:

Buteyko says that only 1% of the people are healthy
“In our country the mass hunger of the past has led to an eating cult”
Aching teeth and glands should immediately be removed
Laws of eating
Revisiting “porridge – Buteyko style”
Green vegetables are best for you
Even Shatalova puts breathing first
Buteyko says that cancer avoids people who eat salt!
A bit less sausage – it can be made of rats.

Chapter 33
The ninth practical course in VEDBM
Don’t be too afraid of having a temperature – it is the body’s natural defence mechanism
Advice to cancer patients
Yet another provisional schedule for increasing the length of pause in training
Three stages in the process of breathing, and what happens in each
Osteochondrosis starts with deep breathing
If the technique cured you, don’t tell anyone else, or the illness will recur!
Training in “how to talk about VEDBM”
“We wish you eternal youth”.

Chapter 34

The Tenth (and last!) practical course in VEDBM

the last training
Final reports from the patients
“With each nasal inhalation in the VEDBM I felt enormous relief”
“My sleep improved with VEDBM and my appetite got smaller”
“I’ve got rid of my headaches and terrible insomnia, through using this method”
“The method helped rid me of unpleasant gastric symptoms”
“I have begun to feel my hands”
“At one point I was able to get rid of an acute kidney pain through VEDBM”
“I have now stopped taking all my medicine for diabetes”
“The way they treat soldiers in military hospitals, is a CRIME”
“After experiencing all the delights of radiation therapy, I have now really got back on my feet again”
Dr Novoseltsev combats AIDS and trainer Sokolovskaya works to improve the health of pregnant women.
We wish you good health, with shallow breathing, and a safe journey home.


Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy

by Sergey Altukhov