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Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy

by Sergey Altukhov

Book Contents

Part 1 "Physicians forbid her to give birth!"

Part 2 "Painless Childbirth"

Volume 3 part 1 published in 1997

Volume 3 part 2 not published

Volume Three

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Volume 3

Part 1 "Physicians forbid her to give birth!"

Part 2 "Painless Childbirth"


This work is currently in Russian but is being translated into English, you can keep track (click here) of what is being translated in 2008.

Contents of Volume 3 Part 1 & 2

Part 1 is about the diseases of Ludmila Sokolskaya and about her recovering on The Buteyko Method.

Chapter 1
Illumination or a word on how to use the Maha Mantra in the Elimination of Deep Breathing Method, boxing, or other situations that demand maximum relaxation 31

Chapter 2
A fervent materialist’s finest hour:
a) We may not be monks but we should all know God…
b) Mastering a punch bag with the Maha Mantra. Even rabid dogs are scared of prayer 51

Chapter 3
If it cannot cure your arthritis, conventional medicine will offer you a bed in a mental home 59

Chapter 4
One Odessan is friend and brother to another. Rescue from the asylum. 59

Chapter 5
Dr Buteyko’s pupil helps someone with osteochondrosis: 84

a) Back massage and spine correction, according to Dr Buteyko’s method
b) Rubbing the back with urine
c) Ludmila Sokolovskaya starts to improve

Chapter 6
Lyusya’s first Buteyko lectures in Novosibirsk, and what she thinks of them: 95
a) Eremin instructs a patient in the Buteyko technique
b) A thorough purging of the system, that relieves and revives

Chapter 7
The Elimination of Deep Breathing Method gains ground and quite naturally: 106
a) Belief in oneself always helps
b) Victory! The illness loses its grip and Ludmila finally goes back to work
c) Purging a patient’s system at the Control Pause limit of 20 seconds. Mitigating the effects by drinking your own urine.
d) Cystitis and pyelonephritis succumb to a healing pressure.

Chapter 8

Adversity and success: 114
a) Depression and a 30-second purging. A patient gets too cold at a winter bus stop
b) A spine correction fails
c) Ludmila Sokolovskaya meets a mystery scientist
c) In the Great Physiologist’s study
e) Buteyko corrects a pupil’s error and cures a head ache with his hand

Chapter 9
Sokolovskaya becomes a trainer in the Elimination of Deep Breathing Method: 133

1) Volume Two – Dr Buteyko’s Classic School
2) The Selection of trainers and innovators for Volume Three

Observations 146

Appendix 1

A documentary fiction for the instruction of people unable to attend courses by an accredited trainer in Dr Buteyko’s Elimination of Deep Breathing Method.
“Is Buteyko’s Method well-known in Russia today?”
by Sergey Altukhov
Article 1 A history 150
Article 2 How I apply the Buteyko Method 157
Article 3 The Left Hand Rule 166

Appendix 2

Symptoms of illness associated with deep breathing that it is important to monitor while reducing (normalising) the breath 174

Appendix 3

A truthful picture of Dr Novoselov’s clinical trials in Kiev

Sergey Altukhov on Dr Novoselov 179
Documents from the “Chernobyl” clinical trials:
Positive findings 181
Reaction 183

Documents from clinical trials on “hepatitis and
cirrhosis of the liver”
A Letter to the Ukrainian Minister of Health 187
Positive findings 188
Documents from the Clinical Trials on AIDS
Dr Buteyko’s letter to Professor F. Doerner 191
Positive findings 193
Report of the Trials 195
“We can treat AIDS” – an article from the Kiev
Newspaper “Who’s to Blame”, 21 December 1999 198

Appendix 4

“A Chance to be Well”: an interview with trainees on a Buteyko Technique training course and their trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya by O. Samokhina, published in the Lake Baykal newspaper “Flight” on 29 June 1993 203
An advertisement for courses and a free lecture programme
Ps. “If you want to see the final chapters of Volume 3 in print”
By Sergey Altukhov 214

Appendix 5

An afterword by the editor and publisher of the series “Your own path to health and the Supreme Personality of God”
Explanatory note to Appendix 5 216
Ludmila Sokolovskaya on “How I came to the Krishna Consciousness Movement and why I stayed” Part 1 216
A word about Srila Prabhupada 232
What is ISKCON 236
A word about ISKCON’s spiritual teachers 238
Thanks to my spiritual teacher 241
Srila Harikesa Swami Maharaja’s letter to the
International Computer Conference on “Medicine
That works for you”
In English 243
And Russian 245
Thanks and an advertisement 247

Appendix 6

Ludmila Sokolovskaya and “Diagnosing Karma” by
S.N.Lazareva 250
Conclusion by Sergey Altukhov, author of the 3-
Volume book on “Dr Buteyko’s Discovery” 251
The author’s Afterword, and acknowledgements to
Trainers in the Elimination of the Deep Breathing
Method in different cities 260
For our foreign readership… 269
A summary of the content of the “Dr Buteyko’s
Discovery“ Trilogy 270
≈Notes 270
≈Report of the Clinical Trials on “Radiation ionisation in
the Chernobyl catastrophe” 274
≈Report of the Clinical Trials on the “AIDS virus” 275
A short guide 276

Part 2: (chapters 10-20) has the 10 Practical Buteyko lessons of Ludmila Sokolskaya (the author's wife) and her story of Painless Child Birth (chapters 21-26).

Chapter 10

A hands-on practical course by EDBM trainer, Ludmila
Introductory lecture : the history of her illness. The time conventional medicine takes to overcome an asthma attack and the speed of ELDBM. If we had a fatted calf we would know where to offer it….

Chapter 11

Our deadly enemy is breathing deeply – why is it universally recommended?
a) The Great Discovery in four stages. Priestly and Holden’s preliminary work. The Verigo-Bohr effect.
b) Lavoisier’s faulty methodology. Purely chemical analyses of damaged human organs misread.
c) An incident on the commuter train. Dr Buteyko really needs support in print!

Chapter 12

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s first practical course in relaxed breathing.
a) Getting to know the patients and their diagnoses
b) All your illness derives from expelling too much CO2!
c) Tackling varicose veins with the Buteyko technique
d) Sit up straight, abdomen relaxed…
e) An easier version of the course

Chapter 13

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s second practical course in relaxed breathing:
a) Keeping a special diary. Why it should include even the maiden name.
b) A list of illnesses curable by the Elimination of Deep Breathing technique.
c) A table of breathing criteria. Defining your ‘breathing type’
d) Is the technique harmful for any medical conditions?
e) Which is more important: belief in the technique, or its physiological foundations?
f) Avoidance of tension in the training sessions. The technique should bring joy.
g) You are under no obligations to anyone.
h) Learning to relax. The 'Sedentary pose'
i) A closed mouth – the most important condition.
j) Is there a pause between inhalation and exhalation?
k) “Monitoring the breathing depth”: are you aware of your breathing?
l) Shallow breathing
m) Why is oxygen dispensed in hospitals?
n) Which is better: the American or the Russian Capnograph? Measuring the test pause correctly. Nothing ‘where’ you feel your breathing.

Chapter 14

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s third practical course in relaxed breathing

1) Open air exercises by the fountain: Vorontsov’s secret dream. The sun-drenched chapels of Dr Buteyko
2) Patients are quizzed on their home work. So what is a Control Pause?
3) What makes you want to breathe deeply?
4) When do people really feel short of breath? The Barocell experiments. The Verigo-Bohr effect revisited
5) Sit up straight, and reduce the piston effect
6) Upward rotation of the pupils. Teaching a child to close its mouth.
7) The Right Hand Rule: or maintaining the technique while seated. Yawning yourself to health
8) The Japanese breathe deeply first and last thing each day – but they waste their breath
9) Why it is advisable to squeeze the tip of the nose, when measuring the Control Pause

Chapter 15

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s fourth practical course in relaxed breathing

1) Which is better: mastering the technique, or standing in hospital queues?
2) Evacuating the body, 20 seconds into the Control Pause
3) What Buteyko did to “deserve” malignant hypertension
4) Buteyko thinks his technique is more use than another diet
5) Protecting the body from loss of CO2:
a) First degree protection
b) Second degree protection
6) More thoughts on pulse measurement
7) Learning relaxation through tension
8) Buteyko training’s basic rule

Chapter 16

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s fifth practical course in relaxed breathing

1) The sequence of basic home exercises
2) Why the pulse should be measured before the control pause
3) Your sensations in the Buteyko sedentary pose
4) The rule of the Left Hand
5) The respiratory muscles
6) Learning diaphragm-awareness

Chapter 17

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s sixth practical course in relaxed breathing

1) Factors influencing the depth of our breathing: conditional and unconditional
2) Why sleep?
3) Allergens
4) An objective means of assessing the harmfulness of something for you
5) Almost every medicine makes you short of breath…
6) The correct use of hormones
7) Conversation, reading and TV also make you short of breath
8) How to use the Buteyko technique when you speak.
9) Factors that decrease the depth of breathing
10) Other helpful postures for comfortable practise of the Buteyko technique (apart from the basic one):

a) First posture _ “kneeling upright”

b) First posture _ “seated on the heels”
c) Second posture _ “the Uzbek sitting pose”
d) Third posture - “the Turkish sitting pose”
e) Fourth posture _ “ sitting in the half-lotus position”
f) Fifth posture _ “ the star pose”
g) Sixth posture _ “ the cat pose”
h) Seventh posture _ “ the lion pose”
i) Eighth posture _ “ the frog pose”
j) Ninth posture _ “ the snake pose”
k) Tenth posture _ “ the prayer posture”

Chapter 18

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s seventh practical course in relaxed breathing

1) Stages of training in the Buteyko technique
a) seated in the basic posture
b) in other helpful poses
c) walking
2) CO2 is best accumulated in the open air
3) Why acupuncture helps patients, if only sometimes, and temporarily
4) How long before you can start rapid walking or gentle running?
5) Practising various postures

Chapter 19

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s eighth practical course in relaxed breathing

1) Tamara Vorotnikova’s achievement: reading a newspaper in the dark without glasses etc
2) How to rid the feet of fungal infections
3) Tooth ache and tonsillitis impede the accumulation of CO2
4) Why the Buteyko technique removes restrictions on water and salt intake?
5) Standard exercises

Chapter 20

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s ninth practical course in relaxed breathing

1) The depth of breathing test, revisited
2) What does “coming out of the technique” mean?
3) The formula for measuring depth of breathing, reprised
4) Why 6.5% CO2- content is taken as standard for the human body?
5) How to cure liver pain
6) Tell us about your pain-free labour on the Buteyko method…

Ludmila Sokolskaya (the author's wife) story of Painless Child Birth (chapters 21-26).

Chapter 21

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s account of her successful pain-free labour, using the Buteyko technique, (although doctors had told her she should not have a child)

1) “As I see it doctors in maternity wards today carry out pathological births as a matter of principle”
2) The physiology of a normal healthy person
3) A natural and positive purging of the system
4) The pathology of a foetus, and the pathology of pregnancy
5) Pregnancy and the Buteyko method – a period of flowering
6) In a pregnancy using the Buteyko technique, fibromyomas gr?dually recede
7) The experience of Buteyko practitioners who have already given birth

Chapter 22

Pain-free childbirth using the Buteyko method (cont.)

1) How ‘purging’ in the Buteyko technique differs from the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy
2) Using urine to help. How I drank my own urine for the first time. Curing pyelonephritis.
3) Why Dr Bragg opted for distilled water…and why that’s un-necessary on the Buteyko method.
4) Urine is the inner environment of our bodies, that contains all the essential salts and substances our kidneys filter out of our systems (wrongly!)
5) Again the gynaecologist didn’t “spot the tumour” and advised me to eat just 600 grams of cottage cheese a day.
6) Two forms of swelling in pregnancy
7) Reservoirs for storing CO2 in the body
8) Natural salt from Crimea to salt my drinking water

Chapter 23

Pain-free childbirth using the Buteyko method (cont.)

1) A woman like you absolutely must not have a baby!
2) The miracle of urine therapy, using the Buteyko technique
3) You are not supposed to walk round the maternity home. So how could I accumulate CO2?
4) Can a woman with 25 incurable diseases to her name have a baby?
5) You will notice labour pains immediately
6) Instead of examining mothers-to-be on a gynaecological chair, they suggested an ultra scan!

Chapter 24

Pain-free childbirth using the Buteyko method (cont.)

1) Dr Buteyko’s arch enemy in obstetrics and gynaecology
2) “You can’t do it naturally, with all your illnesses!”
3) “If you won’t agree to a caesarean, then let us induce”
4) “You CAN’T do it naturally!”
5) “If you’ve got your eye on another maternity hospital, we’ll discharge you straightaway”
6) “Don’t call me out, if this woman gets complications!”
7) The head doctor just could not stomach Buteyko’s name
8) And how many more women could he have saved with his golden hands.

Chapter 25

Pain-free childbirth using the Buteyko method (cont.)

1) “How can you shout and stamp your feet at a woman who is on the point of giving birth?!”
2) When foot-stamping fails, a psychiatrist will help out
3) Professor Ershov claims the doctors’ jaws dropped
4) But why doesn’t she feel any pain?!

Chapter 26

Pain-free childbirth using the Buteyko method (cont.)

1) Transfer to the delivery ward – also a ‘major problem’, it would seem
2) “My darling little boy, it is time for you to join the world “ (I had already named him Konstantin, in honour of Dr Buteyko)
3) “Go with God!” – Igor Ivanovich encourages me
4) I lied that I could not give birth on my back. Dr Buteyko calls that the corpse pose.
5) Using the Buteyko technique, even delivery was painfree
6) They put me on a drip, unnecessarily
7) They nearly forced an oxygen mask on me, and then what happened…
8) “What a big boy! What a beautiful baby!”
9) The birth lubricant prevents the baby breathing through its skin for the first while
10) “But think about it! These people need to cover their bodies with dirt before they can get well ”

Chapter 27 (not available)

Trainer Ludmila Sokolovskaya’s tenth practical course in relaxed breathing

1) Jogging, using the Buteyko technique
2) Buteyko massage
3) The Buteyko technique for spine correction
4) Re-positioning the coccyx
5) Course round-up

Chapter 28 (not available)

A further consultation after the practical courses

1) How Dr Buteyko taught me to maintain my haemoglobin level
2) The specifics of purging for people with pulmonary disease
3) What a CO2 shortage affects most of all
4) “I think you are glad you have learned the Buteyko technique…”

Doctor Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy

by Sergey Altukhov